Don't frack the NT

Across the country Aboriginal communities are on the frontlines of the fight to protect country from dangerous gas extraction.  

Whilst communities are coming together to protect our land, water and the climate, Scott Morrison is continuing to prop up the dying gas fracking industry and lining the the pockets of his fossil fuel mates. Enough is enough. 

No public money should be spent propping up industries that are destroying our country, culture and the climate. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are already impacted by climate change. We know that to stay below 1.5 degrees of warming we need to keep all new fossil fuels in the ground.

Despite Traditional Owners standing up against fracking for many years now, the majority of the Northern Territory is still covered in oil and gas exploration licences - this is unacceptable. 

Sign now and stand with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities calling on the Federal Government to rule out public funding to bail out the dangerous and destructive gas industry.